Getting Married in Costa Rica: What Documents You Need


Wedding in Costa Rica: Ceremonies and Documents You Need

Residents of many countries tell that their homeland is the place where the spirit of love itself lives. Of course, it's just a beautiful fairy tale, but once you are in Costa Rica, you begin to believe these stories. Here, the air itself is imbued with romance, and the unique beauty of the local scenery makes the hearts of tourists freeze with delight. Inevitably, in this country, you begin to love this beautiful world and the closest person, who may be thousands of kilometers away.

 But you will agree that it would be better if your beloved was there, and you could arrange a symbolic wedding or an official ceremony in this wonderful land. This ceremony will never be forgotten: the wedding in Costa Rica is absolutely unique.

An Official Wedding in Costa Rica

The organization of an official wedding abroad is in general quite difficult. There seem to be too many barriers that lovers have to overcome on their way to happiness.

 To organize a wedding in Costa Rica you need the following documents:

  • passports of the couple and their best man and the bridesmaid (validity should not be less than six months);
  • certificates of marital status;
  • birth certificates;
  • filled application forms.

You should come to Costa Rica a few days before the wedding ceremony in order to settle some formalities.

A Costa Rican lawyer prepares the following documents for the official wedding ceremony:

  • the act of marriage (it is signed by the newlyweds, their best man and the bridesmaid, and the lawyer directly during the ceremony);
  • certified translated copies of the above documents;
  • two declarations on the basis of the previously filled forms.

The marriage certificate is sent to the newlyweds in 2-3 months after the registration of marriage.

Why Costa Rica?

The only downside of the wedding in Costa Rica is the inability to find a direct flight from many countries around the world. The rest consists of solid pros. The beautiful local scenery, which captures the spirit of even the most skeptical tourists, rich flora and fauna, friendly and hospitable locals will impress any tourist visiting this country that many call Heaven on Earth! 

The wedding industry in Costa Rica is truly well-developed. The majority of couples prefer to have weddings in numerous hotels in beautiful reception halls or lush gardens or luxurious beaches, where the wondrous beauty of fluttering butterflies and chirping birds are amazing.

However, the choice of places for symbolic weddings is much wider: in general, this is the most incredible feature of a wedding in Costa Rica. The place of your wedding ceremony can be a dazzlingly beautiful and fragrant Orchid Garden or the foot of the volcano Arenal, the Caribbean coast or the rocks near the ocean, a luxurious yacht or a navigatable balloon. There are lots of options. And wedding scenarios can be anything from traditional to sparkling creative!