Wedding in Costa Rica: Paradise on Earth


Wedding in Costa Rica: Get Married in Paradise on Earth

This country is not just a Paradise, it's like a true fairy tale becoming reality! There are volcanoes and rivers, waterfalls and white beaches, jungles and blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific ocean. A wedding in Costa Rica can take place on a variety of scenarios, but there is no doubt that it will be very bright and unforgettable! No wonder many experienced travelers call this country the most beautiful place in the world. This is why annually more and more couples make a decision to get married here. 

Most often couples choose a ceremony at the hotel. It is really very convenient as you can have a regular holiday, relax, and devote one day of the holiday to a beautiful wedding ceremony. Costa Rica hotels are very beautiful. In their interiors and gardens, you can make an absolutely stunning photo shoot. In addition, all the newlyweds receive all kinds of bonuses and compliments from hotels. For example, they can go on a river tour at sunset or have a romantic dinner for two on the beach.

The average cost of a wedding ceremony in Costa Rica starts from 2100 US dollars.

Of course, for a symbolic ceremony, you can choose any place in the country that you personally like. For example, Orchid Garden or Arenal volcano, the Caribbean seacoast or rocks in the ocean. It all depends only on the style of the wedding you go for and your budget. 

To get to this country, you will have to make a lot of transfers. In some countries, there are no direct flights to Costa Rica yet. You can fly with a stopover in the US, Europe, or Cuba. The most convenient connections are via Frankfurt, Madrid, and Havana. To visit Costa Rica, you need to check whether a visa is required for residents of your country or not. A big plus is that to visit this country you don’t need to make a number of mandatory vaccinations. The only thing that is recommended is to take care of the risk of getting malaria.

The climate in Costa Rica varies according to the season. So, from December to April it is dry, sunny, and hot, this season is considered the most comfortable for a visit. From May to November this is a rainy season. The average annual temperature on the coast is about 30 degrees.


In this country, you can arrange a comfortable beach holiday. The beaches here are very diverse. You can find a hotel with snow-white, gold, and even black volcanic sand. Perhaps, for a couple, the hotel Playa Conchal with white sand and endless beaches is the best option to have some quality romantic time together. Jaco beaches are a good option for surfers and lovers of active nightlife. If you want not only to relax on the beach and sunbathe but also to dance and have fun, then you’ve come to the right place!

A significant plus of Costa Rica is a huge number of interesting places to visit. These are volcanoes, national parks, nature reserves, and jungles rich in wildlife. A holiday here will be really exciting, and a wedding will be unique and unforgettable!