Volcano Wedding in Costa Rica


Wedding at the Arenal Volcano

The price for an exotic volcano wedding starts from $1769.

Costa Rica is in an area of high volcanic activity. There are 120 volcanoes on the territory of the country, 70 of which are active. The most famous volcano in the country called Arenal is an active and young andesitic stratovolcano in northwestern Costa Rica.

For many centuries the volcano was considered dormant, and settlements began to form around it. But in 1968, there was an earthquake in the area where the volcano was located. For several days, the eruption of the volcano did not stop, which led to the deaths of a large number of people and a great loss of territory. The last major eruption of the volcano dates back to November 2006.

Now the volcano is not dangerous to others as the lava solidifies before reaching the foot of the volcano. But the risk of an eruption is still present although the danger only highlights the amazing beauty of this place. 

The lava emitted by the volcano warms up the mountain rivers, which gives an excellent opportunity to not only look at them but also to swim and take mud baths. Also near the volcano, there are many hotels, where you can admire the miracles of nature from the window. At night, the volcano is illuminated. Near the volcano, there is a tropical forest, where tourists often go hiking. 

At the foot of the Arenal volcano, there is a small and very democratic resort Los Lagos. It offers a large, green area, swimming pools with thermal waters, comfortable and spacious rooms, three restaurants, and the most important incomparable view of the Arenal volcano. The gazebo, in the way your ceremony will be located away from buildings and villas to accommodate guests. You can stay in Los Lagos for a couple of lovely days: try canopy tours, horseback riding, a trip to the volcano, or a relaxing day in the Spa and swimming pools.

The price of this wedding includes:

  • A lawyer for the registration of all necessary documents
  • Translation of marriage certificate
  • Shipment of the marriage certificate to your country of residence
  • Rent and registration of the venue of the ceremony
  • 2 witnesses for the wedding ceremony
  • Champagne after the wedding ceremony
  • Wedding cake
  • Bride's bouquet
  • Boutonniere for the groom
  • Dinner for the newlyweds by candlelight (appetizer, main course, sweets, and two glasses of wine)
  • Wedding coordinator services

Additional options are the following:

  • Hotel accommodation (seasonal prices)
  • Translation into your mother tongue (during the ceremony) $250
  • Hair and makeup $240
  • Photo shoot $660

Required documents for both parties:

  • a copy of passport or ID with a photo.
  • a filled questionnaire

The price of the wedding package does not include air tickets or insurance.

Hotel accommodation is also not included in the price and depends on the season.

To order air tickets and book a hotel room, you can contact a tourist agency or do it yourself. They will make sure that you do not waste your time on formalities and enjoy your wedding trip to the fullest!