Freedom to Customize a Wedding in Costa Rica


A Customized Wedding in Costa Rica

A regular wedding ceremony is not for you? Give yourself true freedom! A wedding in Costa Rica will be an exciting and extravagant beginning of married life. Loving hearts know no distances, and sincere feelings do not tolerate banality! So why hold back emotions? Kisses under the rustle of Caribbean waves, a passionate tango on a deserted beach, exciting proximity of an active volcano. Any of these options can become a reality of your wedding in Costa Rica!

Marriage Registration in the Style of Solar De Monimbo

If there's a paradise on the planet, it's in Costa Rica. There is an original cocktail of Spanish and Latin American traditions, hot sun, unique cuisine, and serene happiness. It is very difficult to describe an amazing place in a few words. There is literally everything you need. Do you want a magnificent ceremony in the Catholic style? No problem! Dreaming of a romantic wedding in the sea? Experienced divers will organize a solemn dive into the blue abyss. What about the wedding on a desert island? The most exotic ideas will be brought to life!

An Official Wedding in Costa Rica

Yes, Yes! You can get legally married in Costa Rica. To do this, you will need to issue a number of documents and undergo certain legal procedures. Wedding experts will take care of all the formalities.

You will need the following documents and their copies:

  • identity cards of all participants of the ceremony;
  • passports valid for at least 6 months;
  • birth certificates of the newlyweds;
  • filled questionnaires;
  • documents on the marital status of future spouses.

In some cases, additional papers may be requested. The exact list is formed by professional lawyers after the coordination of all nuances. At the request of the client, the support of a wedding in Costa Rica is carried out. In any case, experts guarantee the highest level of service and strict adherence to deadlines.

The tourist agency usually provides the following services:

  • flights (no direct flights to Costa Rica from many countries);
  • hotel reservation and a room with an appropriate interior;
  • organization of the ceremony according to the agreed scenario;
  • work with the lawyers in charge of the registration;
  • interaction with the participants of the celebration;
  • accommodation of guests;
  • organization of a wedding reception, entertainment, excursions, and romantic walks.

The organization of the wedding in Costa Rica involves a full range of services of a stylist and designer. Newlyweds will have the opportunity to visit a modern SPA-salon and buy their wedding attire.

Upon completion of all legal procedures, the newlyweds receive a notarized act and an official translation of the document. A marriage certificate is sent in 2-3 months.

A Symbolic Ceremony

Simultaneously with the official part, a bright celebration is organized. The wedding scenario depends on personal preferences and financial possibilities.

The following options are popular:

  • A love story at the foot of the volcano. A spectacular wedding is organized near the active Arenal volcano. The perfect shape of the mountain and special lighting allow you to create a fantastic atmosphere. The hot breath of the planet is felt here at every step. The program includes a photo shoot, a visit to the thermal springs, the picturesque waterfall Rio Fortuna (Rio Fortuna), and, of course, a wedding reception.
  • The romance of a desert island. The ceremony is held on the deck of a luxury yacht near one of the largest islands of Costa Rica. Coconut is officially recognized as a protected area. It is completely covered with virgin jungle. There are several species of sharks, thousands of exotic fish and fantastic sea creatures. The ceremonial part is usually diluted with scuba diving, a tour of the island and costume shows dedicated to the history of the conquistadors.

A Classic Costa Rica Wedding

A traditional Spanish wedding with a luxurious reception and dancing is still relevant. It is a different scope, and it looks more like a festival. The program of the celebration may include various traditions: transfer of 13 gold coins, the choice of wedding flowers, the dance of the newlyweds, cutting of the tie of the groom, fireworks, and shedding lovers with rose petals.

 The flight of imagination is not limited. The wedding can be arranged in the botanical garden among the luxurious orchids and tropical butterflies. Extreme sports lovers will be offered registration in the crater of an extinct volcano, in the mountains, at the bottom of the ocean or on board a private plane. 

TLet the most cherished dreams come true. A fairy tale is available to everyone, you only have to believe and be brave to experiment!