FAQ About Weddings in Costa Rica


A Wedding in Costa Rica: FAQ

A wedding in Costa Rica is an adventure for real romantics.

To get married in Costa Rica, you need the following set of documents:

  • Copies of the passport of the bride and groom as well as both their witnesses that should be valid for at least 6 months
  • Filled forms where you need to provide some general information about the bride and groom
  • Full name
  • Occupation
  • Address
  • Passport number and nationality
  • Marital status
  • Age, date, and place of birth
  • Parents' names (indicate mother's maiden name) and their citizenship
  • Postal address for sending the marriage certificate
  • Phone number and e-mail address
  • The names of the best man and the bridesmaid and their passport numbers

Taking into account all the above-mentioned documents and additional information, a lawyer will prepare the following documents for the ceremony:

  1. The act of marriage, which must be signed by the bride, groom, the best man, the bridesmaid, and a lawyer on the day of the ceremony.
  2. Two declarations, where the bride and groom declare their general data: the place of birth, marital status, parents' names, etc.
  3. Notarized translation of passport copies

Registration procedures in Costa Rica take from 2 weeks to 2 months.

As soon as the marriage certificate is registered in the Registry Office of Costa Rica, the lawyer will have to obtain a translation of the certificate from Spanish into the newlyweds’ mother tongues, made by an official translator, and then legalize the document in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica. The host company will send the document by courier to your home address.

No documents are required for the symbolic ceremony.

1. We Would like to Get Married in Latin America, in Which Country Can We Do It?

The perfect place for your wedding will undoubtedly be Costa Rica, Mexico, or one of the Caribbean Islands such as Cuba or the Dominican Republic. A wedding ceremony on the white sandy beach will be unique, romantic, memorable for a lifetime. Wedding ceremonies held in the Caribbean can be divided into two types: formal and symbolic. They differ, first of all, by the degree of formality. The organization of the official ceremony involves additional costs for translation, apostille, and legalization of documents. Such a marriage will be recognized as legal. The symbolic ceremony does not require any additional documents, and it can be carried out even as a part of a wedding anniversary celebration.

2. When Do We Need to Plan Our Trip If We Want to Get Married in Costa Rica?

Regardless of the type, the wedding ceremony requires prior reservation. It is carried out at least one month before the trip. Therefore, by the time you come to the country, the documents must be ready. Even if you book a symbolic ceremony, it must be booked in advance in order to choose a convenient date, time, and place for the wedding. However, each booking is different, and it is a good idea to discuss the details with a manager from a tourist agency you choose.

3. What Is the List of Documents We Need for an Official Marriage in Costa Rica?

In order to officially register a marriage in Costa Rica, the following documents are required:

  • Valid passports (valid for more than 6 months from the date of travel)
  • Birth certificates of future newlyweds (originals and copies, translation and legalization are not required)
  • A filled questionnaire

4. Where Will Our Wedding Ceremony Take Place?

Since Costa Rica is a country with incredibly beautiful nature, you have the opportunity to celebrate your wedding in the most unusual way from a hotel in the mountains with panoramic views of the ocean to an exotic ceremony in the Orchid garden. A wedding and honeymoon in Costa Rica will be a real romantic adventure for you.

5. Can We Order Additional Services and How Can We Pay for Them?

For wedding ceremonies, a wide range of additional services is offered. They are ordered on the spot, usually at a meeting with the wedding coordinator, which takes place a few days after arrival in Costa Rica. Payment for additional services is made on site.

6. In What Language Are the Wedding Ceremonies Held?

Wedding ceremonies in Costa Rica are held in English or Spanish. If translation services are not included in the wedding package, they are available at an additional cost.

7. When Do We Need to Arrive at the Hotel If We Are Planning a Wedding Ceremony?

It is recommended to come to the country 2-3 days before the ceremony. If you have a transatlantic flight, you will need time to rest and prepare for the ceremony. It should be kept in mind that the official ceremony can be held from Monday to Friday.

8. Will the Wedding Ceremony Be Postponed If the Weather Conditions Are Unfavorable on the Wedding Day?

This situation is usually solved on the spot, depending on the availability of the transfer and the specific conditions of booking and the type of wedding ceremony. In most cases, the date of the wedding ceremony cannot be postponed as the ceremony can be take place in a covered gazebo or terrace.

9. Will We Have a Wedding Rehearsal?

For wedding ceremonies, preliminary rehearsal is not required, because the ceremony is simple and lasts 15-20 minutes. All details and questions are discussed with the wedding coordinator at the meeting before the ceremony.

10. Does the Bride Need to Book a Beauty Salon or Spa in Advance?

To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you book a SPA session in advance. This will help your wedding coordinator and the staff at the hotel.

11. Is There a Wedding Dress Rental Service?

At the moment, this service is not available in Costa Rica.

12. Will We Be Able to Choose the Color of the Bride's Bouquet?

Sure. Since the wedding is a unique event of your life, it will be as custom as possible.